Our Products


Rounds,Plates,Flats,and Structurtal Steel, M.S. Pipe

High Carbon High Chromium

D-3,D-2.K-100,K-105,WPS Indian

Hot Die Steel

H-11,H-13,H-21 Rounds and Flats Indian and Imported

OHNS Amutit ‘S’,Tungston or without Tungston, SAE-8620 and 52100

High Speed Steel

M-2,M-35, Die Steel Blocks,P-20 Rounds and Blocks

EN-Series,31,36,353 and 354, 16/20Mncr5

Stainless Steel Magnetic and Non-Magnetic

304,316,309/310 and 410/420Pipes,Rounds,Plates

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous

Brass,Gun-Metal,P.B.Aluminium, Copper etc

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