OHNS Amutit ‘S’,Tungston or without Tungston, SAE-8620 and 52100

We offer Bearing Steel that has right amount of carbon (0.55 to 1.10 percent), manganese (0.10 to 1.15 percent), silicon (0.15 to 2.0 percent), phosphorus and sulfur up to a maximum of 0.03 percent and chromium (0.5 to 2.0 percent). The remaining percent is that of iron. Chemical properties determine the anti-corrosive properties of the Bearing Steel. The chemical composition of the steel also dictates the mechanical and physical properties of strength and hardness, toughness and brittleness and ductility and malleability that can be found in our Bearing Steel.

Bearing steel has enormous hardness because the manufacturing process of Bearing Steel requires melting and degassing of the metal followed by certain metallurgical processes. It is then tempered and quenched. Bearing steel has a bending strength of 2400 MPa (Pascal Unit) and can withstand high stress and centrifugal forces. But it has a low corrosion resistance. Bearings materials can either be through-hardened or case-hardened and may also require vacuum-processing to ensure purity. A minimum expected hardness for bearing components is 58 Rc (measurement of hardness) but it has generally higher hardness levels.

Grade % C Mn Si
SAE 52100 Min 0.98 0.25 0.15
EN31 Max 1.10 0.45 1.60

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